For many people, WoW was the gateway to the world of MMOs and online gaming in general, but those of us who are older still remember EverQuest, Ultima Online, and RuneScape. If it wasn't for these three games, we probably wouldn't have the MMOs that we have today.

Can you imagine that RuneScape is now officially 20 years old? What a world we are living in! Yep, the game turned 20 on January 4, and the old school version is still up and running just like it did back in 2001. To celebrate that fact, Jagex have announced an event that kicks off today. Eventually, the event will evolve into the "Grand Party" celebration, which takes place throughout 2021, and it will bring us back all the classic storylines and characters that we used to love.

RuneScape is coming to Steam this year, and it's available on mobile devices already. It is no longer just a browser game so here's hoping that the game will now attract even more players!