The idea of an apocalyptic collapse of global civilization at some point in the near future doesn't seem so far-fetched. With huge problems like global warming and a killer virus on the rampage, we might be heading to the world of Metro 2033. Hopefully, this game won't become a prophetic documentary at one point.

Anyway, Metro 2033 is the next freebie that you can grab for free on the Epic Games Store. And just like Alien: Isolation, it's yet another amazing game that you should certainly have in your collection.

The story is based on Dmitry Gluhovsky's popular novel of the same name and it's set in the ruins of Moscow following a nuclear war. The lucky survivors who survived the impending apocalypse are now forced to live in underground Metro tunnels, and as Artyom, it is your duty to save your home station from all the dangers lurking within the Metro.

A great Christmas story. Make sure you check back tomorrow, Epic might have another great freebie in store.