Over the years we have had our fair share of games based on music, Just Dance, Avicii Invector, Aaero, Guitar Hero and too many more to list, we have a new entry that I don't think I've experienced properly before in all honesty, let us dive in.

When I got my hands on the preview for this game, I thought I was playing DOOM and I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, DOOM is a fun game and has a great feel to it when you are on a killing spree but in this case, you need to attack on the beat of the music. If you try to attack out of time not only will you not fire it will also ruin your score chain. Let's go from the start. You select start run and you have characters to choose from, each with their own specialty.

You load into the game with awesome music in the background that makes you bounce to the beat. I tend to just stick with the first character you play as because she's simple, can take 4 hits from enemies' standard attacks and a normal pistol whereas the other characters have other weapons and different health amounts so I just stick with the first character. Now each of the dungeons is procedurally generated so the layout and enemies in each room is different every time along with the shops being in different locations, some not appearing in that dungeon at all so when it comes to purchasing choices you've gotta be smart but also cautious.

Purchasing, something you'll be doing a lot of in this game. As you go through the rooms some foes you defeat will drop a coin (if you're lucky the level you spawn in will be set to a mode so every kill you get gives you coins, which goes a long way) and then you use those coins then to buy weapons, upgrades, perks and abilities. You've got different kind of stores ranging from all kinds of useful services. You've got the blacksmith, which provides you with weapon choices, upgrade shop where you can buy more health, banks where you deposit coins to save for later games and also lucky chambers that provide a free perk. As you spend more money in the blacksmith and the upgrade shop you level up that specific shop and unlock more choices such as better weapons, magazine upgrades, damage upgrades, more health, armour and some perks, which again is all randomly processed before loading into the game.

The weapon choice in this game is seriously impressive, well balanced (except the minigun when you have infinite ammo) but my personal favourite has to be the pump shotgun, does a crap lot of damage and you feel super bad ass shooting and pumping the gun to the beat of the heavy music giving you inspiration but then each weapon.

Now let's move onto the abilities and perks, basically I have come across so many I don't even know if I've used them all and I don't even know what some of them actually do! So I can only give you my experiences with the ones I have come across and actually know what they do, you've got perks that range from infinite ammo, so removing the requirement to reload, infinite jumping so you can literally fly all over the room to explosive and double shots. As you play through each run you need to try and find your perfect combination of weapons, perks and abilities. Abilities are your best friend (if you find a good one). In order to get an ability, you need keys. Keys you can get either from chests or defeating bosses. Much like the shops in the dungeons there are also libraries that require a key for entry and once you gain access there is an alter in front of you with a scroll, this scroll will provide you with a randomly generated ability. My favourite ability that I use is the screen wipe where everything gets damaged in your line of sight or the ability to steal health from your enemy, which I can tell you as the dungeons go on and the enemies get more varied and difficult being able to steal their health will get you far. 

At the end of each dungeon is a boss, which of course you need to defeat to progress to the next dungeon and the boss room is shown as a skull on the map and once you enter you can't leave until the boss has been defeated so before you enter make sure you are as prepared as you can afford to be, again a great reason to take advantage of the banks in the game. Each boss comes with different attacks and health amounts some involve shooting the floor around you creating splash damage forcing you to jump to ensure your safety, sending floating yellow demon masks toward you to distract you while being shot at by the boss and so many more ways to try and kill you. You need to analyse and be swift to guarantee your victory in order to advance to the next stage. I won't say what the final stage boss is but it's a brilliant fight and I only beat it first time because I had a minigun with infinite ammo, which is very OP.

This game I highly recommend for a laugh and a good test of your responsive skills because you can't just go in guns blazing, to an extent, you must make sure you are firing to the beat of the song in the background, the crosshair has features to assist you with this such as a metronome style crosshair that aids you in shooting in time, if you shoot off beat then you lost your chain high score and you basically lose your momentum that will result in you meeting your death, and once you die its right back to the start. The price for this game I think is really reasonable and the developers continue to support this game with patches, balancing and more, so if you want a fun game to test your skills and enjoy awesome music while keeping it all in line with the tune, this is for you!