Hi-Rez Studios are doing their best to boost the Smite player count. Just recently, they've hosted Avatar: The Last Airbender and now they've joined forces with Nickelodeon to bring the iconic Ninja Turtles to the game as well.

The legendary turtles Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo will appear in the game as a part of the TMNT Battle Pass that is set to arrive this November. As you may expect, they are basically reskins of existing Gods. Leonardo is doubling as Osiris, Raphael is Loki, Michelangelo is Mercury, and Donatello would be Sun Wukong (this one is quite predictable, to be honest). You can also choose the radical versions of their skins, and in that case, you will get the Turtles from their Golden Era (spoiler alert: the 90s).

Take a look at this trailer, it brings back so many memories: