Destiny 2: Beyond Light has not arrived just yet but at least we can gawk at the amazing footage that Bungie is giving us on a regular basis. The latest trailer is focusing on the new exotic weapons and gear that you'll be able to snatch in the upcoming expansion.

Some of these fancy equipment includes the No Time to Explain Pulse Rifle, the Cloudstrike Sniper Rifle, The Lament sword, and a Grenade Launcher known as Salvation's Grip. Awesome names and awesome weapons for sure.

As for armor, you'll be able to lay your hands on Precious Scars and Icefall Mantle as a Titan, Arthrys' Embrace, and the Mask of Bakris as a Hunter, as well as Dawn Chorus and Necrotic Grip as a Warlock. I'm really excited for Necrotic Grip but that's just a Warlock geek speaking inside me, all of this gear looks amazing, really.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 10. You can watch the new trailer below: