HomeLAN have posted a preview of the upcoming first person multiplayer team shooter Mobile Forces. This preview is based on a beta version of the full game from Rage Software and Real Time Worlds. They have also got seven new screenshots taken from the beta build of the game. Here is a snip:

    The 11 levels included in the full version of the game are all huge. Rage and Real Time Worlds have added large terrain to the core Unreal Tournament engine and as a result the game has some eye-dropping visuals in terms of its various environments. The Wild West level included in the demo is just a taste of what's to come. The full version includes an airport with parked jumbo jets, a lumber yard, a train yard and a polar expedition (complete with a nuclear powered sub coming out of the ice in the middle of the level). While the maps are very big and varied, I wish that the developed had added just a few more levels to the full version. A modified version of the Unreal level editor will be included in the game when Mobile Forces is released so amateur level designers should be able to make new levels for the game out of the box.