Supergiant Games have just announced that their stylish roguelike masterpiece Hades now has one million sales! This number is a combination of Early Access purchases and sales from the game's launch last week.

Hades already had 700,000 sales during its Early Access period, which is a number that speaks for itself. Going forward, the game got a sales boost with additional 300 000 purchases within the first days of launch. As the reviews are (mostly) favorable and the audience is having a great time with it, there is no doubt that we will see more records like this one in the near future.

The company thanked the early adopters via the official Twitter account and they expressed their gratitude for their belief in the project. Here's what they said - "Thank you so much. We designed Hades for Early Access, believing you could help us make a better game. That's just what you did."

Hades is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.