Ninty finally heard our pleas and they are willing to fulfill them. An old classic, Donkey Kong Country 2 will finally be playable on Nintendo Switch starting from September 23 (if you have a Switch Online subscription, that is).

Out of the three Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES, this one is my favorite and it's undoubtedly one of the best games ever created so I will certainly have a blast reliving the old memories. I'm sure the game will be just as enjoyablefor you as well.

The SNES library will soon also be enriched with Mario's Super Picross (and this will be a first-time release outside of Japan) and a funky Jaleco beat-'em-up The Peacekeepers. Both of these are also worth checking out.

Time to set a new time record for Donkey Kong Country 2, I guess.