Welcome to Takeshi Cast.... uh, welcome to Wipeo.... oh, welcome to Doritos Crash Cour...wait. 

Straight off the bat folks, I love this game. This is a game I honestly didn't see coming and didn't think I needed. So, what is Fall Guys? (Get ready for a hot take here) It is one of the very few Battle Royale games that is actually good. But why? Because this is the kind of game we've needed for a while, we just didn't know it.

For those who need an explanation, you and 59 other players are these weird, pill looking characters that you can unlock all different kinds of outfits and stuff and you all participate in trials that require you to be the best in order to progress to the next round. For example, 60 of you all together at the start line and ahead of you are about 20 see saws, you need to get across the see saws to get to the finish line, but of course you have 59 other people also crossing different sides of the see saw so it can either work in your favour or completely blow up in your face. 

I see constantly people crapping on this game claiming it was made for kids. I completely disagree, just because the colours are bright and the game is not violent does not mean in the slightest its aimed just at kids, I mean look at Fortnite, I'm sure that wasn't intentionally aimed just at kids, I mean you've got some streamers that made a living off of that game. I used to play it a bit but I hated the fact you get into a 1 v 1 and then the enemy has built a bloody fortress. Anyway. 

A thing that I found really cool as well is the fact that it was released as a PS Plus game and I believe that it is now the most downloaded game through PS Plus on PlayStation and the fact that the game developers struggled with the servers, not because of the quality or laziness or anything like that, it struggled because they didn't expect there to be so many players, which I bet is an amazing feeling. 

I mentioned earlier the bright colours and they really suit this style of game, the graphics are really nice, they really give you the kind of game show impression but here is something people who haven't played it wouldn't see coming. This game can induce game rage that some people would consider to be...unnatural. I have been playing this game with my partner sitting behind me quietly reading a book to her jumping with me shouting something unspeakable, not because of my attitude but because I've gone from doing really well in the last few games to someone grabbing me making me lose, did I mention other players can grab you? Because they can. They can grab you, which is a dick move. 

There are numerous types of levels included in the game with many more on the way with season 2 being a medieval style season. You have the level of see saws as stated earlier, a hill climb dodging giant fruit hurling towards you, yes giant fruit don't think about it. There is a memory level where there are tiles on the floor each that have a different fruit, the level is then surrounded by giant screens that will shuffle through the fruit and you need to stand on the tile that has the fruit shown, which is basically a marathon of people forgetting the fruit location so rushing to wherever everyone else is going. There are levels where the platforms are moving around you and you need to be either the last one standing or one of the last few standing and then the hexagon level......the god damn hexagon level. There are about 6 or 7 levels of hexagon tiles and whenever you step on one it disappears, there are normally around 11 players left on this level as this is usually the final one to decide the winner. You can either be really smart and last until the end or be really unlucky and fall 5 levels and fall to your doom. 

There are also a few levels where you are split into teams such as hold onto the most tails, jump through the most hoops, push your teams' ball into the basket first and the most infamous one, the egg hunt. Now picture this, eggs in the middle of an arena, 3 teams, 3 baskets and the ability to grab players, which equals up to utter chaos and rage inducing gameplay depending on the type of day you're having I guess. However, since the games release there is a sacred rule that will never change under any circumstances. That is if you are on the team under the colour Yellow, you will be cursed and fail miserably. 

My verdict for this game is it really is worth the £15.99 price, yes it has microtransactions in it but they do not affect a player at all giving any kind of advantage, there is a Fortnite type store and a levelling up system also similar to a battle pass style system however its all available to all players rather than 2 separate tiers like most games these days. It is getting constant updates including improvements to cheaters that are still a problem (if you cheat at a game ruining everyone's fun time then you are a failure and probably never hugged as a child), more levels and content in the form of seasons.