Rigid Force Redux Review

There are no shortages of shoot em ups these days. Rigid is another bullet hell shooter that has made an impact. You have a story that is not really all that memorable, so it didn't really stick and it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of the game. 

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of shoot em up games out here. So what makes Rigid Force different? The way in how you control your weapons. As you collect all of your power ups, you begin to expand the arsenal attached to your ship. The coolest thing about this game is how you can shoot from either behind or in front of you, depending how many power ups you have collected, you can do both.

Through the tutorial you will learn that there are energy orbs, they will fill up your energy bar. An easier way to collect these orbs would be to use attract. To use the attract function press RT, or Y. In using the attract function, it will slow your ship down, but you will be able to fully replenish your energy supply. You cannot collect orbs all the way across the screen, you have a certain vicinity in which the orb will collect. You'll see the orb when pressing the RT button.

You can use your energy for multiple different purposes. One being to charge your weapon to deliver a powerful blast. You can do this by holding X.

Now comes the Weapon Capsules. From Seeker missiles to lasers, there are many different armament types. After collecting your weapon capsules you have what are called, force shards. They increase the fire power of your armament. The more you collect the bigger the fire power. You can combine so many different options it's insane. You can move your Force Shards back and forth and widen your range of blast. If you press LB you will, depending on how many shards you have, spread the weapons on top of each other. Giving you way more room to destroy enemies. If you bring them back to the front, you'll have massive power aiming in one direction. Upon pressing LB again, you will move the force shards to the rear of your ship. Making it easy to kill enemies from behind when you have to shoot a sneaky foe. You'll still have your main armament in front, so you'll never lose fire power in front of you. As in the front, you can bring the weapons all together to make a super shot or spread them out giving you a bigger vicinity to cover.

With no big main story, you are sent out on missions to destroy your enemies. You have to fight through these levels without dying, if you do die, well you are starting all the way over. One cool thing is you can actually pick the difficulty and stage from which you last died. You can test your luck and start from the beginning or start from where you just died.


Almost a nostalgic retro feel. Puts me back in my days as a youth. A nice fluffy feeling of memories.


The graphics are on point as far as newer game engines go. Smooth and clean. 

My Opinion

This is a great little Bullet hell Shooter. I really enjoy the variety of weapons given to you. The way you can shoot from either front, behind, or have your armament spread out giving you the option to create a kill zone for enemies. I only wish this had more customizable options for your ship. Other than that, great little game.