The sugar-gliding adventurer Away: The Survival is aiming for an early 2021 release on PS4 and PC and if you like exploration games in general, you will definitely love the latest footage that we've got from this year's Gamescom.

I'll admit, the games does look rough at the edges and the sugar glider's movement may irritate some people...not to mention that there are other concepts that are questionable, but the whole concept is awesome and unique.

The walkthrough that you can see below covers several different facets of the game, including instinct vision (that allows you to see threats and food), chasing a fast-moving meal, a nature documentary narrator, environmental storytelling, and sneaking through the glass. The plot is set in the "distant future", and as players, we have the power to possess insects and crawl into cracks to investigate decaying computers. What a cool story!

You can watch the latest footage here: