Tweakers Australia has just posted a review of the Shuttle AV45GTR motherboard for the P4, based on the VIA P4X266A chipset. Heres a Snip:

    Shuttle has had a great run with their VIA P4X266 based boards, and have released numerous models with multiple revisions that result in a perfect combination of speed, power, reliability, features and economy. Shuttle has been on the bottom of our list for some time, simply due to the fact we'd never had a real chance to take a close look at any of their products. This all changed when we had the opportunity to review the Shuttle AK35GTR for the AMD Duron/Athlon, and to our surprise it outperformed the more expensive boards by a significant margin. Well today, we're going to be checking out Shuttle's latest offering for the P4 that hopefully can stack up to the competition - introducing the Shuttle AV45GTR.