"Stasis" is going to be very important in Destiny 2: Beyond Light when it arrives. It'll be a drastic shift in mechanics that will allow you to wield its power to destroy your opponents and this is something that was highlighted in the lore of the expansion already.

So, what would a "Stasis" be in laymen's terms? Well, essentially, it's a new subclass. And quite a dark one. Bungie didn't reveal a lot of details just yet, but nonetheless, we can take a closer look at the three different ways that we can use to utilize it, and a focus is placed on Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Hunter is rocking the Revenant archetype, Titan is the Behemoth, while Warlock is the Shadebinder.

All these new powers look quite awesome indeed and I can't wait to try them out when the update drops. Until then, well, we can enjoy this video together: