You can't go wrong with an arcade running game...especially if we're talking about a game where you're a fat ninja who is chasing donuts. Creativity at its best.

Dummy Dojo are working on an auto-runner called Ninja Chowdown, a game where we have to jump into the shoes of an overweight ninja who is chasing utterly delicious pink donuts while fighting against Travelling Rollnins, Barbacarians, and various food-based gangs of the Pizza Pie-rates. The publisher is Abylight Studios, a well-known name on the mobile market, and this gives us the hope that the final product will be awesome.

Ninja Chowdown is coming out this fall on iOS and you will be able to download it for free but there will also be an optional $3.49 in-app purchase to remove those nasty ads. You can watch the trailer below: