Did you ever want to move your bed in Stardew Valley? Well, the good news is, you will now be able to do just that thanks to the update 1.5. They even mentioned that functionality in a dedicated Twitter post as well.

We are yet to see what the update will bring in terms of content but this addition already makes me excited. We will likely get a chance to play it by the end of the year which is really awesome.

Creator Eric Barone also shared a note regarding the absence of the game from the PlayStation Store in Europe, adding that "it's going to be a little while". The game needs a "complete re-submission" to update its rating from PEGI 7 to PEGI 12 in light of "simulated gambling."

So yeah, if you were planning to take a break from Stardew Valley, don't do it just yet. There are many great things on the horizon.