The "witch sim" subgenre is definitely becoming a thing in modern gaming (let's admit it, though - it always was) and we have a new kid on the block to entertain us.

Developed by a studio with quite a cute name (Sunny Side Up), Little Witch in the Woods may look like just another Stardew Valley clone but it's much more than that. The plot revolves around a protagonist named Elle who is......well, just as the name suggests - a little witch in the woods. She just arrived to her new town and it looks quite empty while her own house is in despair. It is Elle's task to rebuild things to the way they are meant to be.

The game will include notable simmy mechanics like NPC growth, reagent gathering, exploration, and of course, city development. The game will be released at some point on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Take a look at this gorgeous trailer and enjoy: