The power of Minecraft is still very strong! Animal Crossing was Nintendo Switch's best-selling game until recently, but now the time has come for a new leader.

The new top seller is none other than the game that you can grab for only $19.99 - Minecraft Dungeons. Yes, it's partly because of the fact that the game is so cheap, but it's a huge accomplishment that any game can dethrone Animal Crossing: New Horizons at the moment, given the fact that the game is extremely popular at the moment.

The third place on the list is reserved for Xenoblade Chronicles while the fourth place is taken up by Clubhouse Games. All great games and it just makes the success of Minecraft Dungeons even greater.

Oh right, and spot #5 is........Minecraft itself. So we have two Minecraft games in the top 5. What a blocky domination that is. Hopefully, these lines will inspire you to grab your copy and enjoy Minecraft Dungeons if you're not doing that already. Now is the time!