Totally Reliable Delivery Service Review

A delivery game with a kick of fun

We're Five Games brings us a very fun game indeed. Like human fall flat, your character and his actions mirror a flimsy host. Your goal is to deliver packages without severely damaging the package. You have vehicles to help you out when your distance is far beyond walking capabilities. Helicopters, cars, trucks etc. This game can be played via Couch Co-op or online multiplayer. My daughter and I have had much fun walking around delivering packages and jumping off buildings along the way. This is probably one game that almost anyone can get into.

The concept, close to human fall flat is what drew me to it. I like the unreal animation. I would have to say the coolest part about the game is that you can customize your character with an array of different clothes and accessories. A downside, well that is easy, not allowing you to totally create your character the way you want to. You have 4 premade sets of characters you can choose from, all almost overweight and out of shape. Lol. Taking that in, I do not know too may movers that are in decent shape. So that is true to a degree, but not all applies.

Trophies are procurable as you deliver your parcel to its destination. Gold, silver and bronze. Depending on how irreparably damaged the package is, you will get one of the three trophies. Some will have a time limit as well; it is up to you to keep the parcel in good shape as well as going as fast as you possibly can without damaging the item. Some are out in another next town, which in turn will require a vehicle to get there.

In one of the missions, a helicopter can be flown, and you will have to take a barrel full of flammable toxic chemicals inside. If pushed one wrong way or pulled on too much, you will blow up. Bye, bye!

In each city you will be tasked with a certain number of trophies to get, for instance, you have 15 different packages to deliver and that would prompt you to get either Gold, Silver or bronze. Once they are all completed, you will unlock new car patterns, etc.

Overall Totally Reliable Delivery Service is great couch co-op game for the family and your friends.