Bertil Hörberg is on the roll again!

After the iconic Gunman Clive series, the indie studio is now preparing both PC and PS4 versions of the Contra-like battler called "Mechstermination Force". A kick-ass name, that's for sure! Anyway, the whole premise is very simple - the game can be described as a boss battle gauntlet of mechs that keep getting sillier and sillier (and more difficult as well) as time goes on. Things get really tricky at one point, so you better prepare yourself psychologically first.

The game was initially released on Nintendo Switch and it's now coming to PC as well. May 22 has been set as the release date for both PC and PS4 versions of the game, while the Xbox One version will come at a later point. The date is yet to be announced for that one. No price is listed for PC and PS4 at this point but as the Switch version is sitting comfortably at $11.99, we can already guess what the outcome will be.

Get ready for May 22, that's all I can say.