Thermal is not live just yet but Human: Fall Flat players will be glad to know that we have a preview of the new area already - Golf.

The design for this area was taken from a special sports-themed community competition held by No Brakes Games. The winner of the competition, Simon Isacsson Andersen took $10 000 as a prize for his highly innovative, yet somewhat wacky Golf level. What's the catch here? Well, other than swinging the golf club (duh) and riding a golf cart (it's harder than it looks, trust me), you can also be smacked by other, giant clubs. You didn't see that coming, now, did you?

This free level will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the next couple of months. The company is also planning to host yet another Steam Workshop design competition. The theme will be "The Great Outdoors". Who knows, maybe we get something super creative yet again!

Human: Fall Flat is still extremely fun to play, no doubt about that, and if future additions are this good, I ain't gonna leave any time soon.