Dreams is arguably one of the most creative games ever to be released. It allows everyone to create their own world, story, and characters. Awesome, isn't it? Yet, no matter how cool that is on paper, some limits do exist.

Ninty has ordered the removal of a Super Mario character model from the game. The model was previously created by a user named "PieceofCraft" and it was rising in popularity as time went on. One day, the user got an e-mail from Sony's legal department informing him that Nintendo would take steps against him as his creation was completely unofficial. As a result, Sony removed the home-made asset from the game.

PieceofCraft tweeted that he had a "back up plan" but that "Mario projects in Dreams are on hold". Now, some stages and worlds that reference the iconic games from the Super Mario universe are still present in the game, so it appears that Ninty was only unhappy with this model itself. Totally understandable.

Dreams is now available on PS4.