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In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium there is only War

I've waited a long time for a decent Warhammer 40K video game, there have been smatterings of promise across the board for consoles - with the PC getting most of the love for a while now. Then Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr made landfall on the Xbox One ... but the console launch was buggy and whilst Neocore (fantastic developers) fought back against the Tyranid hordes of bugs they knew something wasn't quite right with the mechanics of the game when they saw the feedback from a frustrated community.

It was a different kind of game though, slower-paced, required cover, and rewarded a careful approach.

Not everyone likes this kind of gameplay in a Diablo-style game, so Neocore went back to the drawing board with IM and produced Patch 2.0.

Like No Man's Sky before it, they drastically changed the game for the better and Patch 2.0 was just the start of the creation of one of the best Warhammer 40K games I've now had the pleasure of sinking 100s of hours into.

With the advent of the Prophesy expansion we have a feature-rich, deep, enjoyable, and thoroughly rewarding 40K experience that drips the aesthetic of the Dark Future created by Games Workshop.

But first, go read this: Patch 2.0 and Prophesy Changes

I'll be here, by the Emperor.

By the Emperor, how does this mission unfold?

There are lots of reviews by now for the base game, they'll tell you in-depth about the various systems and classes. It would take thousands of words to describe the core experience in detail and that's not the focus of the expansion review. It should be all about the Prophesy story and gameplay compared to the vanilla game. Not as though there's anything vanilla about the base game now, it's really quite excellent.

A brief look at the core game follows, and I mean, brief.

The gameplay is isometric 3d, with a plethora of combat abilities that can be unlocked via a linear progression system. You earn rewards and xp by playing, the xp will accumulate and you'll level up allowing you to put a point (or two) into many of the core skills that your Inquisitor is capable of... improving your chances of survival and allowing you to take on greater threats and challenges.

You'll get a ton of loot, some of it will be useful, some of it you'll break down into parts to make better gear. Or sell it for credits (Throne Gelt if you're playing the Dark Heresy TTRPG).

You have three main classes. Psyker (mage), Crusader (Tank), Death-Cult Assassin (Blades/Ranged) - these are broken into three sub-divisions that lock in a small set of points and build for you to tinker with later on.

Then you'll deploy on mission, rove through varied in-game environments and unravel the story of the core game through a long campaign and plenty of early, mid, and late game features which are described in the compendium link above. Remember, this is all about the fourth class that you can play and how 2.0 impacts the game as a whole.

Patch 2.0 saved the Crusade

The game was slow-paced, but those days are gone. It has become a faster and far more polished experience since the patch 2.0 and the post patches that landed in its wake. The combat system is better, the movement is better, and everything about the game is better thanks to 2.0. The speed and reaction time of the characters mean you spend less time in cover, and more time killing the enemies of the Imperium across maps that are randomly generated from a generous tile-set and numerous enemy factions.

Loot is vastly improved and more impactful.

Plenty of other changes that make the game really fun!

The full co-op campaign for up to 4 people is now playable, and barring the vehicle missions which are solo, this is HUGE fun.

For the Omnissiah!

The Inquisitors are joined by a Tech-Adept of the Adeptus Mechanicus, simply put, this class is a summoner with lower damage thresholds than the other classes in terms of the punishment it can take... but a vastly superior battlefield control and the ability to bring out a small army of combat units that can be customised to fit the role you've assigned to them.

Again, the Tech-Adept brings three sub-classes to kick off your build and a whole raft of features to the base game in terms of abilities/skills. Many of them focussed on improving the summoned units and enhancing their damage/survivability.

There's a lot of player agency here, a lot of options to customise your units further via the command ship. You can craft and deploy weapons and upgrade modules. As you progress with your gear, you're able to bring out at least six of the smaller units, and still have two turrets placed as well.

Or you can bring out four small units and one big robot to crush your foes.

It's a lot of fun!

Prophesy also brings new maps/locations, new enemies such as the Eldar and the Tyranids... as well as a Mechanicus-only story start that brings the new Inquisitor into the core story of the base game and allows you to play both as the same character after you complete the intro part of the Mechanicus' tale.

It's good stuff too!

The weapons and summons add a whole new layer to Martyr. This class is perfect for solo players who like AI companions. It's akin to the Diablo 3 Necromancer and functions mechanically in a solid and interesting way. You'll be using your smaller units to draw fire, whilst introducing your enemies to the Plasma Caliver (I love this gun) from range, or an Omni-Axe for that personal touch.

More than just DLC

This isn't DLC, this is akin to the Hearts of Stone or Blood & Wine addon packs from CDPR and Witcher 3. This is an expansive additional content pack that changes the base game for the better and is a definite class you should spend some time on.

More build diversity, more thought, and more control across the battlefield are the keywords here.

Then there are the Holy Ordos, who you can grind for reputation in order to earn more rewards and open up their unique items in the shops they offer. The Ordo Xenos, Hereticus, and Malleus are there for you to work alongside. Just pick the one you want to impress and do various missions for them (limited per day) to raise your rep.

Simple, effective, totally worth doing.

Combined with the base game this is a must-have package for Martyr. I don't think I could play the base game now without Prophesy, and the Tech-Adept has replaced my beloved Death-Cult Assassin as favourite class.

If you want a different type of game out of Martyr, then get this expansion and experience the fun of being able to dominate a battlefield with the might of the Adeptus Mechanicus and their various constructs.

The Onmissiah wills it!

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