One thousand years ago... An evil dragon known as Wyrmvarg appeared and wrought untold havoc and destruction upon the world. However, through the courage of a human, an elf, and a dwarf, this destroyer was sealed away deep within the earth. Following their victory, these three were hailed as heroes; each of whom established a kingdom and reigned in peace. Then after a long season of quietude, Wyrmvarg awakened and for the next century the world was again shrouded in darkness. Lamenting this, one young man dared to stand forth, determined to bring an end to Wyrmvarg's reign of terror for all time...

Deep below the earth, Bernard, Clarke and Prince Abram prepare to face off against Wyrmvarg! Wyrmvarg, a monumental red dragon stands before the warriors, as they approach the beast, they realize that he can speak... All three conclude that the monster is way more intelligent than they had anticipated. As they charge, Prince Abram is knocked down to the ground before he can even pull his sword from his sheath. The other two companions rush to his aid, none of them believed him to be as strong as he now is either, a bad assumption for the warriors to make. Clarke makes a stand in front of the fallen, but not fatally wounded king and tells Bernard to run and take the Prince with him while he buys them time to escape. Rushing toward the fiend Wyrmvarg, the scene ends, the Prince wakes up in an unfamiliar place with Bernard standing by his side. Thank heavens you are ok, says Bernard. Where is Bernard the Prince asks. In order for us to escape he stayed behind to fight, and buy is time to escape with our lives that could have been very easily taken if we would have stayed. Bernard explains to Abram that they are in the chapel in Beigenthal City. Prince, your father, His Majesty is waiting for you at the castle. You must go see him at once!

After an audience with the with the King, he tells you that every year, with much regret, he has to sacrifice one of his soldiers to Wyrmvarg to keep the kingdom from being destroyed. He tells you this because that is the only way that land has survived since the Elves did not slay the beast long ago. After the consulting, the king gives you gold to go and outfit you and your companion with equipment to fight.

When completing a quest, followers will then join your party. There are many different races that can be attributed. For instance, the High Priest is a Healer... You will come across more, as you level up so does the equipment being worn. Recruiting heroes will be your task and finding the right builds and contributes to make up the best team you see fit. Followers can get jobs as well. After completing jobs, the group will gain Scroll. Only the jobs followers have may be selected though. Seek followers with various jobs then employ their strength in the party's quest to defeat Wyrmvarg. Swapping followers in and out of teams, it can be done through the Team selection in the menu. (One team consists of a maximum of four members.)

Your mission is simple, find the three legendary swords that were once wielded by the greatest warriors, but lost when Wyrmvarg was imprisoned. After finding the first weapon, two elves will join you along your journey because both of you have the same objective... Slay Wyrmvarg. Elves bring special abilities and jobs, level all characters up so you can get the most out of your teams. It would be wise to setup teams that can handle different situations. Each team can contribute to different magics, brute strength and much more. In the game they will tell you all about some tips to do this along your trudge to take out the biggest threat to date... The Dragon Wyrmvarg. As you fight enemies, all of your teams will gain EXP, you can have up to three different teams. So, even if you kill the enemies with the humans, the elves will also gain experience without even battling, just simply being in your party is sufficient enough.

This game is very euphoric, it reminds me of the old Zelda games. Potions, leveling up, finding treasure within caves and on the paths to your next destinations. Powered rings, cloaks, shoes and much more can be equipped to assist you, making your journey a lot easier. Though this game does get hard, well, the enemies at least. I suggest that you level as much as you can in the first cave before venturing on with the elves you recruit. If not, you will not be able to make it to their kingdom. There will be a pack of wolves that are unlike any foe you've fought yet.