Destiny 2 was missing one of its key components for quite a while now, but it seems that Bungie decided to fix that. The fan-favorite PvP mode, "Trials of Osiris" is returning with the new "Season of the Worthy" content that is coming this March. March 13, to be more precise.

Trials will be available from the get-go and the mode will be more competitive than ever. The 3v3 showdowns will bring out unique gear rewards, and by the looks of it, they will be spectacular. The season will start on March 10 around 1 PM ET and it will bring new gear, plenty of subclass alterations, and of course, more cosmetic content.

PVP will be the main focus yet again (well, duh) and Bungie is bringing out Exodus Blue, Cauldron, and Anomaly from the original Destiny. This time, they will be better than ever! The vibes from the original game are really strong here, and as someone who stuck around since the beginning, I really appreciate the effort.

You can see the trailer for Trials of Osiris here: