THQ Nordic have announced that they are planning to do a remake of the classic RPG, Gothic. They are then planning to launch the remake on both PC and next-gen consoles. The news comes as no surprise, though, given how well the short playable teaser was received. Since the interest is obviously very high, a full-blown remake is obviously the next step.

Gothic was released on PC back in 2001. The story of this epic RPG focuses on a slave who finally gets the opportunity to stand up against his oppressors. Of course, there's much more to the story than just that, but overall, it's a really enjoyable experience. The game was received nicely by both the gaming community and the critics. As a result, it got two successful sequels and some spin-offs as well.

Nearly 180 000 players tuned in to check out the Gothic Playable Teaser and 95% of them have said (in a special questionnaire) that they want to see the game remade. They said what they want and THQ listened! The company will most likely hand over the development to a new studio based in Spain, though that is yet to be confirmed. We are also yet to find out the release date. It's certainly not coming this year, but hey, knowing that a remake is coming is still great news, isn't it?

We will keep you updated as soon as we hear more from THQ themselves.