The library of Nintendo Switch Online is constantly being updated, which is certainly a great thing. February 19 will be huge because a grand total of 4 new games will be added to the service. We will get two new NES games and two new SNES games. A nice combination indeed!

On the SNES front, we are getting a super-cute shoot-'em-up, Pop'n TwinBee and a tennis simulator, Smash Tennis. An interesting note is that none of these games were originally released in the US. The NES fans will lay their hands on the action platformer, Shadow Ninja and a powerboat racing game, Eliminator Boat Duel. Basically, we have a mix of action and sports in both of these cases.

None of these games are iconic masterpieces but they're good additions to one's gaming collection, that's for sure. I would grab them all if I were you.