The second year of Division 2 is quite meaty and a major expansion is now scheduled for release.

The Reddit people have dug out some crucial information regarding the new expansion. Namely, the expansion will include a "gripping new story", a brand new nemesis, and a level 30 boost (this should be familiar to all of you MMO players out there). We are also getting a new open-world (New York) and a level cap of 40. Of course, this also means that we are in for extended endgame and a lot of that new, shiny gear.

We also saw that "The Ultimate Edition" will be a thing and it will include an instant unlock for all character specializations, three item packs (Battleworn Secret Service, First Responder, and Elite Agent), eight exclusive classified assignment missions + an exclusive emote/outfit.

The expansion is expected to drop on March 3 whereas the reveal has been scheduled for 2 PM ET. You can also your copy of the game via Xbox Live for $3. The sale will end in 13 days so make sure you grab it while you can!