Foam Sword's Knights and Bikes was arguably one of the most charming games of 2019. If you loved playing it on PS4 and PC, the great news is, a Switch version is on its way as well. And the release date was set for February 6. That's like...really soon.

The Switch players will thus also be able to enjoy the adventures of two geeky protagonists Demelza and Nessa as they pedal around Penfurzy trying to uncover and obtain the legendary treasure. Sounds cool? Yeah, it sure is.

The creativity is strong here and the game was acclaimed for its adaptive ideas, unique ideas, and a truly anarchic spirit.

You can pre-order the game now on Nintendo Switch with a limited 10% discount ahead of its official release (on February 6). Make sure you check out the trailer below and if you really can't wait for February 6....well, you can try it out first-hand on PS4 and PC right now.