Sega have announced that they are planning to release regular news regarding their most popular brand (everyone's favorite hedgehog, of course) during the whole year. The name of the project is "Sonic 2020" and we are promised new and exciting news on the blue hedgehog and his adventures every month. Sonic fans, open you can start celebrating!

The trend begins already with this announcement. We also have new mobile wallpapers, Twitter headers, and social media icons. You can grab them all by visiting the official Sonic 2020 website. We will also get several Sonic-themed events by the end of the year and it will be a proper buildup for the big anniversary celebration taking place in 2021. We might even get a new game as well! Remember Sonic Generations? Wasn't that an epic way to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary! An epic way to relive all those epic nostalgia moments for sure. I am sure that Sega has something in store this time around as well!

So yeah, Sonic fans have every reason to be euphoric here. Keep rocking, Sega, keep rocking! Looking forward to loads of amazing Sonic-related news in the (near) future.