Welcome back to Planet Zoo! A lovely game in which you can make all your ethical conservation efforts seen in the virtual world! Playing the base game was an absolute delight--from properly breeding and raising animals, to setting them off in the wild...all the while people learn about these fantastic creatures. It has everything from land giants to the little critters that scurry from under damp rocks. A real delight of a sandbox game all around!

Now that Planet Zoo has found its footing, it's time for the great circle of life to carry on! In video game terms that could mean a number of things, but today it shall mean the release of the newest DLC: The Arctic Pack! Often DLCs get a mixed bag on ratings, but for sandbox titles it can be a wondrous and often sought after addition. The Arctic Pack delivers under no illusions here: it has STUFF and that stuff will be from the ARCTIC!

Excellent. Now that we've established that, what kind of stuff are we talking about here? Well in addition to the robust list of species that normally roam around your zoos, you'll have four new furry friends to include into the roster: the reindeer, Arctic wolf, polar bear and the dall sheep (my personal favourite). Each fantastically (and realistically) rendered to your viewing pleasure, these lovely quadruped creatures will add climate diversity in the way of representing some of the most uninhabitable parts of the Earth starring right here, in your humble zoo.

Along with your new friends to swoon over (especially the babies!), come some great bits and bobs for your constructing pleasure! Sandbox games are really two games in one, aren't they? The playing bit and the constructing bit--and Planet Zoo makes sure both are mountains of fun. You'll get some great new paths to lay down--stylish snowy brickwork, or warm parquet patterns. The frosty theme continues into shop fronts, bins, benches and anything else that might fit the bill.

Instead of listing everything, I can tell you right now that if you're a fan of the base Planet Zoo game, this DLC is more than worth it. If you're a fan of animals that come from colder climates, this is an absolute must have. Arctic Pack adds just a little bit more to do without being incredibly overwhelming--and the thought and quality put in to the assets really shows. There are a lot of things added, but in no way was this DLC spread thin. I'm really looking forward to more DLCs in this line of thinking, and give my hats off to Frontier Developments for making such a wonderful game with some great longevity in it.