We covered this recently in another story, but hey, it's 2020 and honestly this just keeps on getting better and better (worse actually). Jao, the developer behind the now infamous PC (barely a game) game Day of Dragons keeps on managing to be a great example why he firmly sits on the Dirty Devs list of the incredibly, and perfectly voiced champion of the customer. Sid Alpha.

If you haven't seen Sid's channel, take a moment and go and visit. Like, subscribe, and all that good stuff. Sid is doing the work that gets him in the line of fire with these developers almost on a daily basis and honestly -- we're blown away by his commitment to the causes he champions.
Sid Alpha's Channel
Now Sid has covered DoD in one video, he has another in the works, and honestly -- along with IGP and IcyCaress (that's how we found Sid) this situation is absolutely textbook bad dev territory.
But rather than let us tell you about it, we're going to hand over to Sid. Beware, this video is long, it is absolutely a must-watch and if you are even thinking of passing a single cent to Day of Dragons. We urge you, reconsider.
We have always been one here for the customer, and in this case, DoD is barely a game.

Day of Dragons Sid Alpha expose
Thank you Sid, for having gamers backs on this and other cases, we salute you!
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