The hype around the Witcher Netflix TV series is still huge, and of course, Netflix knows better than anyone how to keep that train going. They've just released the full map of the continent, and the best thing is - it's 100% interactive! Hell yeah!

All Witcher fans can play around with the map and find places that they've already explored and even places that they didn't even acknowledge. Of course, I am not talking about places like Ard Skelling or Kaer Morhen, but people who are new to the franchise may find it difficult to memorize all those places.

Whenever you type in the name of a certain regain, you'll also get a brief historical overview of the location involved and even a timeline history lesion. What a great chance to learn more about this universe, isn't it?

I don't know about you, but gawking at this map makes me want to replay the whole trilogy again. And you know what, I may do that...