Welcome one and all to the world of the Wolf, this is me doing a bit of PR for the Codejunkies. I've known a few of these guys through being an avid supporter of Datel's Action Replay line of products and I was browsing their Forums on the site today and stumbled on a few things. I thought it might be nice to show our support for these talented hackers by giving them a mention here. So here's a behind the scenes look at the Codejunkies themselves and their relationship with MGS2 (Metal Gear Solid 2) which must have caused them lots of headaches.

In the space of 15 months the folks at Codejunkies have cracked 3,000 codes for the PS2. They produce some great game saves for the PS2 as well, using their X-Port gizmo (Yeah, so I'm not very technical)

The lads at Codejunkies apparently also appreciate the more finer things in life, according to them (Cigarettes and Alchohol - Namely Stella)

I'm not surprised though, since MGS2 has proved an utter bitch to hack apparently. Codejunkies spent a lot of their time and effort into making a whole new version of their game-trainer code just to cope with Konami's re-written English/PAL code.

The result is that atm the Action Replay V2 and 2v2 won't work with MGS2, so they're offering a couple of solutions on this which can be found over at their main codejunkies website.

Codejunkies Link

An upgrade for existing Ar2 and V2 owners, and a cheat's disc, also they're putting a nice bunch of bonus stuff out with their PSi-2 Magazine (CD with Cheats and bonus DVD features)

PSi-2 Magazine

Finally let's hear a big round of applause for these guys who with their kind permission have given their names/aliases to be posted here!

Alan Pierce (Ice Mario)

Clayton Whitlam (The Fly)

Richard Moscone (Code Monkey)

So drop by the Codejunkies site and give these guys the support they deserve, they put in long hours (like us) for very little moral support by most of the gaming public (like us) and endure sniping, whinging, moaning posters on their boards (Shock - like US!) all with a sense of humour and a shrug.

Cheers guys, this is Wolf signing off aka LupusNastius...