Avicii Invector brings music and gaming together in one. Some might say that it resembles Guitar Hero, or rock band. Which I would agree. The biggest differences are that you use your controller to smack the colors shown on screen. They will pop up as A, X, Y OR B. as you are hitting the sequence, you'll find that the tapping of the buttons sync with the beat of the music. This game is a great way to escape into the world of music.

A worldwide rank is also available to look at to see how you compare to others. To get 100% and not miss on button, pretty hard. I did manage to complete all of the button cues and still didn't get first place, even though my competitor only got 99%. The trick is to get a perfect on all the cues. It can get super hard with all of the flipping and twisting.

The cool thing about this game is that you are basically driving a spaceship and you fly through the universe. The colors and foreign planets are very beautiful. This is really dubstep, Avicii is famous for making music as a DJ. So, everything coincides, music beat, all of it. Different difficulties can be selected as well. Though this is not a long game, the difficulties are what can make this more challenging and switch up the pace of things.

When you can hit multiple marks consistently, you will fill your boost meter. The boost, well it gives you a boost, some speed. Going really fast and hitting the marks does take some time to get used to. There is a story line also, as you complete one level, also known in game as a planet, you will go to short story cut scenes. It is pretty cool I must admit. If it was only listening to music and smashing buttons... well that just wouldn't be all that entertaining.

It will be interesting to see what the future will bring for Invector. If they can throw in some new planets, ship skins, customization and more songs, that would open up some more doors and ultimately bring in new consumers. All I can do is wait, keep my eye on the various info sites for the latest updates. As for what I played and what I experienced spiritually, Invector is definitely headed in the correct direction. This really moved me when I plugged in my headset and just became totally overcome with bliss. I got totally lost in the music and I didn't want to leave that time. I wanted to permanently build a home, move in and retire, such beautiful work.

This game is great.