EuroGamer have posted a review of Criterion's Airblade. One of two games built by Criterion to showcase its Renderware PS2 middleware package (the other being the tempestuous Burnout), the game borrows from Tony Hawk, SSX and more. But is it more than a sum of its parts? Here's a snippet:

    "The gameplay is a significant nod towards the playing style of Jet Set Radio, and to a lesser extent the Tony Hawk's series. As objectives are given to you, an arrow at the top of the screen points you in the general direction of your target, but it's up to you to decide how you're going to get there. This can often end up as an exercise in frustration, as the level designers rarely offer decent visual clues as to where you might need to be going. For example, on the first city street level the final objective is to gain access to the roof of a building by grinding along the broken pylon, and the only information you get is "Use the broken pylon to get up there" and an arrow pointing up. Handy."