Ninty have announced that their Legend of Zelda & Crypt of the Necrodancer crossover Cadence of Hyrule has received some free DLC content. The update added a brand new storyline as well as a new Dungeons mode.

The story mode is called Octavo's Ode and it focuses on (well) Octavo and you will finally learn why he wants to take over Hyrule. He will be a playable character, and of course, he will carry his signature weapon (the Golden Flute) with him. It makes me want to play the game right now.

We also have a Dungeon mode that should "test your mettle' against the game's 'toughest foes" in a true Crypt of the Necrodancer fashion.

You can unlock both of these additions as soon as you complete the main story. If you did so already, congratulations, you are ready to rock and roll!

You can download the update now via the official Nintendo Switch store.