Bossa Studios have announced that the sequel to the original Surgeon Simulator is coming out in 2020 and they've released a trailer to tease us in the meantime.

The team promised to "inject a delirious dose of adrenaline straight into the heart of the original, cranking everything up to a whole new level." Sounds good to me.

Surgeon Simulator 2 will also have the cartoonish art style just like its predecessor and it will be just as silly as well (maybe even more silly, actually). They've said it themselves - "as the trailer suggests, Surgeon Simulator 2 will be a vastly expanded offering." Everything counts, I guess.

There is an Epic Games logo in the trailer as well and that probably means that the game will be Epic Games store exclusive.

We don't know what platforms will be included but Bossa says that more information will "arrive soon". Let's hope it's really soon. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer: