The Resident Evil franchise always generates massive hype and looking at the latest trends, that will continue in the future as well. The first Resident Evil 3 has just leaked on PlayStation Network and that gets to show that the remake is indeed on its way. And it might be coming faster than we think.

Take a closer look at this footage and enjoy:

It was Gamestat who found these images by browsing through the PlayStation Store for updates. No official listing exists for the game yet but we can see Carlos Oliveira and Jill Valentine in the center and Nemesis looming over them. As you can see, he's been completely redesigned and he has "Caution" stickers stamped all over his outfit. He also has a new scar that looks quite vile indeed.

The rumors of Resident Evil 3 remake were going on for a while, and with this footage, It appears that the game is coming out really soon. As we saw some images from Project Renaissance as well, we might see both of them officially unveiled at the same time.

We are waiting for an official confirmation, but until then, at least we can gawk at these wonderful images.