It's getting cold outside and it becomes harder and harder to exercise. But, have no fear, Hamster is giving us a somewhat suitable alternative in the form of Hyper Sports. But only if you have Nintendo Switch or PS4, that is.

The game was initially released in 1984 (just one year after the iconic Track & Field) and it brings yet another amazing complication of highly addictive sports games. You can compete against the computer and other players as well. Both modes are amazing but the multiplayer mode is an absolute blast.

The sports that you will find here are Shooting, Swimming, Long Horse, Archery, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, and Weight Lifting. Just like its predecessor, in most of these games, you'll need to press buttons very quickly and you'll also need high accuracy of angles and trajectory as well as strict timing. The mechanics may look simple at first, but trust me, it will take a while to master all of these disciplines.

You can download the game on PS4 and Nintendo Switch for only $8. A real bargain indeed! Hey, if you're too lazy to exercise, at least you will have a good excuse now.