Nintendo have just released a trailer for their mobile battle title, Fire Emblem Heroes. The main focus was put on the next Mythic Hero to join the roster and that hero is none other than her royal highness, Altina.

She made her debut already in the 2007 Nintendo Wii version of the franchise and she was quite a prominent character back then. As one of the three Heroes and a queen of Begnion, Altina needs to deal with the Goddess of Chaos - Yune. Alongside her loyal sidekicks, Soan and Dheginsea, Altina managed to seal away the Dark God, creating a new future along the way.

Altina is much more powerful than she looks. She wields two swords (Ragnell and Alondite) that can turn any foe into pitiful smithereens. You have been warned, folks!

Altina joined the live game today and you can try her out on both iOS and Android.