Pokemon Sword and Shield will open its first online competition in December but you can start signing up for the event already.

The signup period will last until Friday, December 5 at 7 PM ET. The event will begin the following day (on December 6) and it will be active until December 8 at 7 PM ET. The competition will launch as a single battle format and most Pokemon will be supported but bans on some of them (like Mew, Zamazenta, and Zacian) will be imposed.

You need to register a team of three to six Pokemon and you'll automatically level to 50, becoming fully eligible to enter the competition. The competition will be absolutely wild, so you better reserve those spots right away. The rankings won't be available right away, but Game Freak promised that they will post them shortly after the event is finished.

Are you enjoying Sword and Shield thus far? Join the party, now is the right time to do so!