Luigi's Mansion 3 Review

Before I begin this review, I have not played the first two Luigi Mansion games in this series. After playing this game however, I will be going back and buying the first two!

The Story

This game begins with luigi and the gang, Mario, peach and a few toads. All off on a little trip to a 5 star hotel! This sets the story of the game right from the start, and it really draws you into asking, how can this all go wrong so fast? 

Once gameplay starts, you realise that the hotel isn't as it seems, despite its appealing look and gorgeous layout, the hotel staff are all wearing masks. As the player, this is very obvious. As poor luigi and the gang, they are none the wiser and head off to bed.

Luigi awakes to find the hotel is actually run by ghosts and all of his friends are captured, changing the theme of the game almost instantly into Nintendo's family friendly version of a ghost based horror game.

The Theme

As you progress through the game, the story is about luigi trying to rescue his friends, who have all been put into picture frames. So armed with his handy Polterguster 3-00, the third of its kind, handy as this is the third game in the series. Luigi progresses through the hotel, one floor at a time, gaining access to the next floor of the hotel once the previous "boss" ghost of each floor has been sucked up and dropped the floor button for the lift. Each floor has its own theme to do with the hotel, but personally I believe that Nintendo run out of hotel themed floors, or didn't want people to just keep inspecting random hotel rooms filled with beds for the whole game. So when you reach floor 4 and higher, the rooms becomes different each time with some ranging from museums, film studios, to even a full on pyramid. This makes the game so intriguing to find out what awaits you on each floor.

Each with their own unique "boss" ghost!

How it plays

Whether you wish to play Luigis mansion 3 on the go, or sat at home with the in game co-op feature. Every way you play makes the game feel incredible. If you're playing on the go, the vibration on the switch has been turned up to 11, unlike any other game I have played on the switch. It pulls you in when it comes to creeping around each corner or entering each room, just by the vibration alone!

If your one for the big screen, the graphics are absolutely stunning, one of the best switch games by far for me when it comes to graphics.


Co-op is a big feature to this game too. Early on in the story, Luigi gets access to a new device for the polterguster 3-000. This device attaches to the polterguster and gives Luigi a new friend. Gooigi! This new fellow is very handy all the way through the game, able to fit through gaps Luigi cant fit, able to help Luigi move heavier objects, he once couldn't do on his own.

With co-op, your partner can jump in and control Gooigi alongside you, make the game now a 2 person experience and a fun one at the same time.

The Verdict

All in all, if you're a long time Nintendo fan, or even a new one. Luigi's mansion 3 is a must buy when it comes to the switch, it's such a great game. The graphics are incredible, the story is so immersive, the controls are very easy to get used to. 

If you've ever wanted to be a Ghostbuster, grab your switch and go and suck up some ghosts!

Well worth it!