Speculations about a new Diablo game were really hot lately, and as it turns out, they were correct. All fans of the franchise can open their champagnes as a new Diablo game is definitely on its way, and this Blizzcon confirmed it.

Diablo IV is much more ambitious than its predecessors and the developer panel clearly showed that. We are getting a new non-linear campaign and a shared open world with five new regions. There will be "hundreds of dungeons and legendaries" and the legendaries will be a thing.

The first three confirmed classes are the barbarian, druid, and sorceress. The developers noted that they are aware that many people were pissed off because druids were not present in Diablo III, but they learned from their mistakes.

We are also getting mounts, talent trees, and the series will return to its dark roots as we are promised.

We have no idea when Diablo IV may drop but Xbox One, PS4, and PC are confirmed as platforms. Here's the trailer to gawk at in the meantime: