Earthfall: Alien Horde pre-orders just went live on the Nintendo eShop and the game got a special trailer to celebrate that occasion. Hooray!

Earthfall: Alien Horde will have 11 story chapters, 15 unique areas, and five invasion maps in total. On top of that, the game will include local co-op and online modes as well. The local co-op mode is a feature exclusive to the Switch port, and it looks quite promising.

We also have four characters with unique backgrounds and abilities. The gameplay is varied and full of intense action. In terms of combat, you are the one who decides what happens next - you can slaughter your enemies in close combat or use a more strategic, stealthy approach instead. Both of them work perfectly, so really, the choice is up to you.

Earthfall: Alien Horde is coming out on October 29 on Nintendo Switch. You can watch the trailer here: