IO Interactive have just revealed a themed Halloween event for Hitman2. Patch 2.71.0 is now live on all platforms and so is this spooky event.

The trailer is indeed quite terrifying. The event comes with an Escalation Contract and plenty of handy rewards. Some of them include a tactical wetsuit and specially crafted bat shurikens. We also have a Halloween-themed costume and a pumpkin head for our dear Agent 47 and the combination is truly hilarious indeed.

The culmination of the event will arrive in the form of a new Elusive Target, The Serial Killer on October 25. You will have 10 days to obtain this achievement, after which, you will get a new Challenge Pack, Uninvited to tackle. If all goes well, you will be rewarded with the sweet Red-Tie Kiwi as a reward. Quite neat, isn't?

Make sure you log in while the event is active. Oh, and happy Halloween (in advance).