Welcome to Royal Stingdom! A place most beautiful and full of riches and honey. Everything is perfect except for the fact that Capital B is at it again. Capital B has created a Bee Mind Control Device, the Hive Mind! His goal is to enslave all the bees in Royal Stingdom. Queen Phobee has some plans up her sleeves to help you out, so do not fret!

Yooka-Laylee was first put out on Kickstarter to promote and endorse this brilliant idea. After much support and great feedback, the game made enough money and was in the act of being made for New Gen consoles. 

This is a most exciting game indeed. Yooka-Laylee is a classic and is fun for all ages. In this adventure we have two ways of playing. Platformer mixed with Open World 3D. The first thing someone will notice is that we start off in a platformer style genre, but after completion you will get a whole lot more out of the game than just running back and forth while jumping and rolling around obstacles. Queen Phobee will be seen again quickly after the very first level when you face Capital B and sadly lose. You are not meant to beat Capital B; you're meant to lose. After the humiliating butt whooping served on a platter, the Queen will be anxiously waiting for your arrival outside of the magic book, which hold the levels to which you will have to enter. The Chapters, as the Queen calls them, are ripped out by her after Capital B steals the Beetallion shield that he has stolen. With the ability to rip out the Chapters, you can go back in time and rescue all the Beetallions from imprisonment so you may use it against the sadistic evil boss.

In these Chapters, you will have to complete the levels to ultimately beat it. In these Chapters you will also have other "side" objectives as I like to call them. Collecting quills which can be used for hints or Tonics that you find around this amazing world. Twit coins will also be hidden throughout the levels and are hidden, so looking and exploring is encouraged. Twits are used to open gates in the world so you may access other parts of the Open World. The pages ripped out are called Pagies and they are from the magic book. In the Open World you will find them sprawled out everywhere, when collected they turn out to be challenges, complete these and Pagie will alter the world so, that you may move forward, the only way to advance. Tonics will also be found of looked for. These tonics alter the way you look and move. These are like Mods; you can choose from many different things. If you like playing games with altered details, here it is. Another way to get Twits is to find a huge Golden Quill and jump into it. The Golden Quill will disperse other little Golden Quills that will fly everywhere, grab every single one and after you do you will receive a Twit. These Quills are often hidden behind doors you can enter.

Once you have advanced a bit into the world you will be able to go back and alter a previous level in many different forms and fashions. For instance, you may find a Frozen Berry and after throwing it at the book, it will freeze. To no surprise, after reentering the magical book, everything is frozen! You can do this with various elements that are at your disposal after completing a bit of the game. You will start at the beginning but see advance stages that you cannot reach yet. The only way to do that is by going around the world and then coming back after discovering and opening new features. Water berries can be used to grow small sprouted flowers so you can jump to higher plains or grab a bomb and throw it at cracked walls, there are all kinds of hidden content and secrets, this game has 90's nostalgia written all over it.

My daughter absolutely loves this game and at 5 years old, she does a great job, but find times where I need to help her. These levels can get very hard when you change the interior of the book. So, I would not say that this game is all to easy, but if you know the basics of gaming, then you have a great chance to grow and improve. I have seen my daughter grow so much in gaming from moving the view in the game with the right stick to using the map. Ultimately this game is for all ages with some help.

The main objective here is to save Royal Stingdom. After you rescue the first Beetallion, the Queen will ask you if you want to go back and try to beat Capital B with the one Beetallion you just saved or wait and capture them all to have a better chance. I did not go back and try to be B, because that would be simple suicide. The Beetallion is a shield. Each time you get hit, one of the Beetallions will be lost. So, jumping back into the boss with only one Beetallion does not seem logical, you will need more protection than that. 

Yooka and Laylee are a great team and manage to things done. This ultimate duo is a replica of Banjo and Kazooie, back when 3D platformers ruled, so did cute bug eyed monsters running around kicking villainous butt. The N64 era made history. So, bringing a spinoff of Banjo and Kazooie to the New Gen systems is amazing. This is nostalgia 101. You have a tonic that will mod the game into a 64 bit play style to feel as if you are playing Nintendo 64. What a great freaking feeling! I absolutely love this game!