Thank you, Gentle Bros, for this amazing game code!

Welcome to a land full of adventure and vicious foes. You play the role of two kings who must take back their lands from Lioner the Purrsecutor and Wolfen the Labrathor. A world where cats and dogs reign supreme and have battled for years over an ancient sword. Felingard the land of the cats and Lupus Empire, land of the dogs, lay full of riches and gear. Explore dungeons, collect top gear and magics. 

Play solo or play with a friend as you strive to rank up and become strong enough to take down the two evil rulers. You are tasked with finding the master sword, the only weapon that is strong enough to take down Lioner and Wolfen. As you venture on you will come across mages, friends and foes. Switch between the cat and dog or ask a friend to jump in. you will be able to attach magics to either animal or build them as you wish. 

From Staffs, battle axes, katanas and much more, you can create the ultimate build. If you have played in depth RPG games then you are familiar with "builds", if not, I will briefly explain. Builds are basically the attributes and gear that make a character. For instance, I built my cat up to be a mage and have magic abilities. For my dog, he is a tank, a tank consists of brute strength and can take massive damage. These are my builds and as there are more weaknesses and strengths other than a tank and a mage, I find some enemies to be difficult due to only being able to have to builds. Some enemies have different elements which consist of, fire, ice, lightning etc. Some elements are weaker against other elements, like fire to ice and others will have little to no effect at all.

Through your quest you will find hidden chests, dungeons holding loot and stones that grant abilities and powers. Healing, wind, physical power up and more. Your objective is to become strong enough to take down all enemies. With help from your loyal advisor and friends, you will be led in the right directions. 

Two blacksmiths will help you level up your gear and weapons. The first black smith will allow you to LVL up your gear. The more you LVL them up, the more money it costs, so it is always good to find side quests before you take on the main objectives. If you can gain an LVL of 10 or higher than your original quest, you will be able to slide by with a breeze. That is until you get to about rank 35, that is when things get hairy. Make sure your builds are up to date and you have self-healing on either character, you will need it. My mage can take minimum to little damage because he is all about magics. I will keep a distance and throw from afar, while my dog will get right up in the enemy's face and beat them down. The second blacksmith will allow you to lvl up your weapons, I was really surprised when I found this out because I was not expecting this game to be so in depth.

Your gear will come with boosts and strengths. You will find all kinds of gear that can help boost either magics or brute strength. If you are using the Staffs for a weapon, you can find gear to compliment this. Fire Mages Hat, to Ice Mage tunics. As I mentioned before, this game really packs everything from an in depth RPG and much, much more. This adventure is for all ages yet built for what seems like veteran RPG players. An unlimited number of weapons and gear really make this a hit. The Gentle Bros really did such a great job on this and it is very exciting to be able to take a break from a big AAA game with ultimate graphics and be able to relax and enjoy what seems like such an inviting simple game.

Though this game is a long one, I did not see that it was all over media gaining coverage. I am glad that I got to review this game and truly enjoyed it. I sat for hours playing and whooping missions. I used an Xbox One controller after a while because it was easier to throw and cast my magics. Using my laptop keys is a little different to me because I was never really a PC gamer, although I do know which keys to hit, it was a little overwhelming having to find over 6 keys to throw these powers. I would recommend using a controller, if not, it is not impossible using your keyboard.