Straight away, I absolutely love this game, the art style, the feel of the game, the objectives and best of all... the honk, just this alone is a great reason to buy the game. I had been waiting for this the moment it was announced along with the gameplay trailer for it. I saw it and thought immediately "how has nothing like this been done sooner?". It was hard knowing that this was in development but there was no release date, it had been so long and finally when I'm in work I get an email from the developer that a release date has been announced and its coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch meaning I could take it to work with me, play it on the Bus and whenever it suited me.

What is Untitled Goose Game you ask? This is a masterpiece of a game where you play as a Goose and your goal is to make everyone else's lives an absolutely nightmare. You begin off with a gardener just minding his own business, working on his garden in peace, you know how most gardeners like to get on with it. You then come along with a to do list to advance onto the next level such as get the gardener wet, make him hit his thumb with a hammer, steal his hat and the best part, make a picnic with a picnic mat by stealing the farmers belongings such as sandwiches, thermos, jam and yes, even his radio.

I honestly hadn't had so much fun playing a portable game in a long time. I was really surprised that the game runs so smooth on the Switch, I can't comment on the PC version since I don't actually own it. Normally with some games on the Switch you do notice some performance issues but with this game there were none. Of course, its not the game with the most advanced graphics in the world but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful and beautiful they are.

The game is really simple to get used to, grab objects, duck your head, flap your wings and honk *shivers at the honk*. From what I understand this game was only made by a handful of developers. They really have made a masterpiece and if that isn't enough, this game came out the same time as The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening remake for the Switch and beat it in the charts. Links Awakening was number 2 and this game was number 1, that is seriously impressive for a game that has been well anticipated for a long time up against a remake announced at E3 that had Zelda fans on the edge of their seats.

Seriously this Goose game had media outlets all over the world discussing this, some of them that don't even go anywhere near games. I read through a couple of them and it was really nice to see a newspaper company not go on about a game that was made to cause issues and give bad impressions on kids. One website did say that this game would give kids ideas to become anti-social in public but by what means? Stealing jam and honking at them when they get seen? Yeah right.

Everyone, I recommend getting this game as soon as possible, it's a cheap game as well, especially for the Switch. I had the honour of playing this game and even though I've completed it I replay it because its so much fun. There have been too many gaming controversies in our time with Lootboxes, unfinished games, this whole thing with Blizzard and China but this kind of thing is the light in these dark times that the gaming community really need and I am definitely welcome to more of these types of games by these developers. Please do not stop and keep bringing us light in these dark times.