Even though Fortnite had several world-ending events, this time, the world did end. Not permanently, though, but some changes had to be applied. And after all, the game is still a cash cow, so it needs to keep running!

Fortnite has been relaunched with a new map and under a new name - Fortnite: Chapter 2. We have a new story this time around, a new team, and of course, new cosmetics to buy as well. The new skins are quite awesome and you'll be gawking at quite a lot of them.

You'll be shocked to see how many things have changed. Sure it's still Fortnite that we all know and love, but the new elements make me feel that I am playing an entirely different game. I believe that these changes will definitely be beneficial in the long run.

Watch the launch trailer below and re-log to join this epic party!