Gamesurge have written up a review of Aliens vs Predator 2, which got mixed reactions as to whether it will be good when the demo was released. Heres a snip:

    The atmosphere created in AvP2 is amazing, produced though the use of the graphics, sound, and in game events. It brings a chill down your spine to enter a room just in time to see a marine getting dragged through a vent, or to use thermal vision as a predator and having a low-level heartbeat accompany the soundtrack. Some scenes will take you next to a predator kill zone with numerous skinned bodies hanging down, or a room where several layers of steel have been melted through by alien blood.

    The highpoint of AvP2 is that the sound effects sound exactly like they did in the original movies, bringing in the blood curdling cries of the alien and predator (and human). You can hear nearby gunfights fought by your fellow marines who are doomed to death, or the triumphant howl of a

    predator who has just made a kill.